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How to Win a Real Estate Bidding War?

After the court has ruled a physical person or legal entity bankrupt, the procedure of the repayment of the debtor’s financial obligations begins. And the only place where the debtor’s possessions can be legally sold is the official electronic trading website which holds auctions especially for these kinds of assets, including real estate.

Anyone may purchase any kind of property in any city in Russia at such online Russian real estate auctions, including:

  • Apartments
  • Private houses and luxury mansions
  • Land plots
  • Entire factories and enterprises
  • Commercial real estate, office space and hotel complexes

In Moscow it is still possible to buy property at auction house at just 30-50% of the market value. This can be part of a good investment strategy. For example, today you can bid for a property, let’s say, a detached house, and win it at 50% of its market value. You will pay 500 000 USD for it initially, and then sell it in 3 months’ time for at least 900 000 USD. Do you know any other instruments that give such a high return on investment?

In Russia, any Russian citizen – and even a foreigner – has the right to participate in bidding for a property for sale at auction. And the chances of winning skyrocket if one opts to join forces with professionals in the field.

So here is why you should consider engaging our services to help you participate in a bidding war, whether you are buying commercial property at auction or are inclined towards the residential lots:

  • Our experts select and evaluate the most liquid properties at Russian auction house.
  • We conduct an expert assessment of each property of interest.
  • Our clients only pay for our services if they win, so they do not risk anything by partnering with us to participate in the bidding process.
  • Confidentiality and security are our top priorities.
  • We win the bidding war over 80% of the time, which is currently the highest result in the bidding and auction industry.
  • We have our own in-house legal and analytics departments.
  • We provide a transparent calculation of the cost of our services (1-5%, depending on the characteristics of the property).

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