The Moscow Intenational Business Center

Moscow-City – The Moscow International Business Center

Moscow-City is an iconic location for life and work in Russia’s capital. Enormous skyscrapers, business centers, the best restaurants and retail spaces – all this is concentrated in one place. The ultramodern Moscow-City towers are truly striking in their outward appearance, and the layout of the apartments inside and the fantastic views that can be seen from the higher floors are nothing short of...

Moscow districts to live in

Our Rating of the Best Districts of Moscow for Living In

Familiarizing oneself with the map of a gigantic megapolis is not a simple task even for one of the locals. Most Muscovites know 4-5 districts well, another 5-6 districts superficially, and 15-20 – by hearsay. The other administrative divisions of the capital remain for them a blank space. For those who move here from other places, Moscow remains a mysterious monster for a long time. When you begin...

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