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Renting in Moscow: Which District to Choose?

In 2024 apartments for rent in Moscow, Russia, cost around 1 500 USD per month on average in the central areas of the city (ignoring the elite options). The most affordable rentals are located in districts close to the MKAD (a.k.a. Moscow Ring Road) – these are thrice as cheap, at around 500 USD per month. The New Moscow area has abundant accommodation priced in the range of 600-750 USD per month. These estimates were calculated by our experts upon scrutinizing the long-term rent prices listed in our own real estate database.

The capital city’s most expensive areas are the Khamovniki and Arbat Districts. These two districts are permanently at the very top of various rankings. Today the price of renting in these prestigious neighborhoods is 2 000 USD per month.

Long-term apartment rental in Moscow for expats

Other prestigious districts in central Moscow that have a somewhat lower rental property price tag are the Tverskoy, Yakimanka, Tagansky and Zamoskvorechye Districts. The cost of furnished accommodation in these neighborhoods is around 1 500 USD per month.

Renting a luxury apartment in the famous Moscow International Business Center (a.k.a. Moscow-City) compound currently costs at least 6 000 USD per month for a 130 sqft (40 m²) condo. Moscow-City has a good infrastructure and this option is great for the employees of large international corporations operating from the Business Center itself.

Cheap Flats for Students

The Nekrasovka, Perovo, Biryulyovo and Kapotnya Districts contain many cheap options that can be rented for a short term. In these residential areas of Moscow one can rent a flat in a Soviet era apartment block for 550-700 USD. For this price you will get a two-room flat with a floor area of 147 sqft (45 m²).

When you rent an apartment in Moscow as a foreigner, take care to ensure you are engaging in a safe deal when signing a lease with your future landlord. The real estate market in Moscow is huge and in it one may often come across fraud and the forgery of real estate documents. Another thing to consider is that some landlords may feel entitled to come into your rented home at any time in the day or even night without prior notice. Our company exists with the specific purpose of helping you avoid such problems. We guarantee that all of the real estate deals we facilitate are legally safe. We filter out problematic apartments in advance and it is our job to protect you from unscrupulous property owners. Send us a request and we will discuss your accommodation needs!

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